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May 20, 2016

A Guide To Wood Siding

Of all the different materials used for cladding your Springfield home, wood siding remains one of the most common. Advanced, manufactured materials offer some advantages in terms of durability and weather resistance, but wood is still the material of choice for many homeowners.

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A Glossary Of Wood Siding Styles

* Clapboard

Clapboard siding (also called lap siding, bevel siding, or weatherboard) is a series of long planks installed on the exterior walls of the home horizontally. Each plank overlaps the one beneath it to make the surface weather-resistant. The favored woods for clapboard siding are redwood and cedar due to their strength and resilience.

* Rectangular Plank

This siding is installed vertically rather than horizontally. Rather than overlapping, each plank is butted into its neighbor. The joints are covered by a separate strip of wood known as a batten.

* Plywood

PlywoodEcobuilt provides Wood Siding in Springfield Missouri siding contributes to a home’s structural integrity. It can be installed either vertically or horizontally, and it’s usually made out of pine, fir, or red cedar.

* Shingles / Shakes

These small wooden boards are usually cut from cedar, redwood, or cypress. The difference between the two is in their production: Shingles are machine-sawed and uniform in size; shakes are hand-cut and vary in width. (Modern shakes may be mechanically-produced but they still retain a variation of sizes.) Both shakes and shingles are applied to walls in overlapping courses the same way they would be used on a roof.

* Solid Wood

Natural wood in a variety of different thicknesses can be used as siding. Solid siding boards can be installed vertically, horizontally, or in decorativeEcobuilt Wood Siding in Springfield Missouri patterns. Although this siding requires regular maintenance, it is extremely durable and attractive.

* Composite Board

This form of siding is an engineered wood product. Manufacturers bathe wood fibers in resin and compress them under high pressure to produce an extremely tough material. Many composite board brands come pre-treated with safe chemicals that improve the material’s resistance to moisture and insects. Composite board is light and very easy to work with due to its consistency. More info from EcobuiltSiding on Wood Siding.



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