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May 20, 2016
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Exploring Steel Siding

Of the many different materials used for home siding in Springfield, metal has retained a respectable place beside alternatives like wood, vinyl, and engineered material. Metal’s superior strength gives it a significantImportance of proper Metal Siding in Springfield - advantage in cases where durability is the utmost concern. The majority of metal siding is made from either steel or aluminum. Both metals have their strengths and limitations.

Both forms of metal siding offer superior fire protection, low maintenance costs, and terrific durability. Aluminum and steel have been used for home siding for more than 60 years. Over this time, the techniques used to produce metal siding have grown significantly more advanced. Since the 1980s, manufacturers have been able to offer coated, embossed products that closely mimic the appearance of natural wood.

Aluminum Siding

A home clad in aluminum is well protected from fires and termites, and the siding is impervious to rusting, cracking, blistering, and rotting. However, aluminum siding can be scratched or dented by impacts and it has to be maintained properly to prevent corrosion.

Aluminum siding is manufacturedEcobuilt provides Metal Siding in Springfield Missouri in extruded panels that closely mimic the size and shape of vinyl and wood siding. As an alternative, some manufacturers produce 1’x3′ or 1’x4′ panels that are embossed to resemble cedar shake siding. Each piece of aluminum siding comes with a permanent baked coating that provides it with its finished color and texture. With proper maintenance aluminum siding can easily provide 40 years or more of quality service.

Keeping aluminum siding in good order is very easy. Surface stains need to be removed with non-abrasive cleansers and the entire exterior needs to be hose-cleaned once a year. The siding’s color can be touched up as necessary by following the manufacturer’s recommendations for finish care.

Steel Siding

Siding made of steel offers many of the same benefits as aluminum siding. It proves itself superior to aluminum when it comes to standing up to impact damage. On the other hand, steel isWhy the right Metal Siding is so important in Springfield - more susceptible to corrosion than aluminum. Steel siding should always be installed by experienced professionals.

Steel siding is produced in the same kind of panels as aluminum siding. It’s available in a wide array of finish options that offer many color choices. Steel cladding can be embossed to mimic natural wood or left smooth. As with aluminum, steel cladding needs an annual washing. Scratches can be repaired by priming and painting the siding. (This is actually important to prevent the onset of rust.) When cared for properly, steel siding should last for at least 40 years.

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