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May 20, 2016

About LP SmartSide

In the world of engineered wood siding, LP SmartSide enjoys a well-earned reputation for manufacturing a superior product. Their siding delivers the same aesthetic appeal as traditional wood sidingLP Smartside done right while also demonstrating the greater flexibility and durability of an engineered wood product. LP’s siding products actually ofer several advantages when compared to fiber cement siding, too. Fiber cement siding has to be installed by specially-trained workers and special techniques have to be used to prevent airborne silica dust from becoming a health hazard. LP’S SmartSide Trim & Siding is both easier to work with and lighter than equivalent fiber cement products. This translates into a faster, cheaper installation job.

Working With LP SmartSide

Working with LP SmartSide material is no different from working with traditional wood. It takes screws and nails without any trouble, and the material comes out of the factory completely ready to take a coat of finish paint with perfect adhesion. The appearance of LP SmartSide products is another major advantage; their natural wood lookEcobuilt provides LP Smartside in Springfield Missouri generates considerable curb appeal. When compared with fiber cement alternatives, most smart homeowners in Springfield recognize that LP SmartSide Trim & Siding represents a very attractive option.

The appearance of SmartSide products is carefully designed to ensure that they are as close to the beautiful look of natural wood as possible. This doesn’t mean that LP SmartSide is a second-rate substitute for natural wood siding, though! SmartSide material is free of defects like knots and voids, meaning that no material is wasted during the installation process. LP siding is also resistant to dimensional problems like warping and cupping. The factory-applied primer coat on SmartSide products also makes them easier to paint than natural wood — and the results are more consistent and attractive.

Smartside Catalog

The SmartSide catalog includes a wide range of lapWhy the right LP Smartside is so important in Springfield siding choices, most of which come in 16-foot lengths. This size translates into faster installations and fewer seams. We have three different collections that include lap siding options.

SmartSide siding is produced by binding wood strands together with resin and compressing them to impart maximum strength and durability. During the compression process the dies used on the wood leave behind the natural texture that is characteristic of SmartSide material. With SmartSide you get a perfect balance between the beauty of natural wood and the convenience and durability of a manufactured product. More info on LPSide from EcobuiltSiding



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