Hardie Board Siding

May 20, 2016

A Guide To Hardie Board Exterior Siding

In the past few decades, Hardie Board siding has become an extremely popular choice for a lot of homeowners. This material’s ability to withstand torrential rain, hurricane-force winds, and the harshestImportance of proper Hardie Board Siding in Springfield sun without failing or losing its attractive appearance has won it a lot of fans.

Besides providing an effective barrier that keeps weather from entering your home, Hardie Board stands up to the most extreme environments without succumbing to the sorts of fatigue (e.g. warping, delamination, rotting) that plague other forms of siding.

James Hardie HZ10 Weather Resistant Siding

According to the manufacturer’s website, HZ10 siding was designed for use in the Deep South. This region demands a product that stands up high temperatures and humidity levels, airborne sea salt, and the occasional hurricane. Hardie Board doesn’tDoing Hardie Board Siding the right way! crack, swell, split, or rot. It’s impervious to insects and it survives in all climates beautifully.

Benefits Of Installing Hardie Board

If you choose to install Hardie Board siding on your home in Springfield, you can expect the following benefits:

1 More time in between coats of paint, which typically translates to a $5,000 savings over 15 years

2 High return on investment (ROI), delivering the greatest possible increase to a home’s resale value when used in renovations

3 Reduced insurance rates when compared to homes with vinyl siding

4 15 year warranty on finish and 30 year product warranty (limited transferrable)

5 Why the right Hardie Board Siding is so important in Springfield Resistant to splitting, swelling, rotting, cracking, and splitting

6 Comes through high wind storms and hail with minimal damage

7 Exceptional fire resistance, reducing the spread of flames

8 Full range of shapes and styles (lap, panel, shingle) suitable for use on any part of the home.
Hardie Board enjoys a well-earned reputation as one of the finest siding products available in the current construction market. It serves with great reliability in every part of the country, delivering many years of satisfaction to discriminating owners. Learn more at about Hardie Board Siding Installers at ecobuiltsiding.com.



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