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May 20, 2016

A Consumer’s Guide to Cedar Shake Siding

Wooden shakes have been used for siding on homes for many years. Shakes can be made from a variety of woods, including oak, redwood and cedar. Cedar shakes provide a rustic look. This is due to theirImportance of proper Shake Siding - rough texture and irregular appearance. This type of shake is especially popular in seaside areas, such as Cape Cod.

When you think of the homes that were built a hundred years ago along the coast in the northern states, you probably envision a home with cedar shakes. In addition to installing shakes on the exterior of the house, many people also use cedar shakes to roof their homes. This gives the appearance of a thatched roof.

How are shakes installed?

Cedar shakes are installed by layering one single edge on top o the previous row of shakes. To help ensure your shakes last, they should be treated before they are installed. Additionally, the wood shakes should be inspected annually and replaced when rot, mildew or any other type of damage occurs. Many times, the shakes will be treated at the factory to save customers time and money.

Single Couse

Installing shakes is similar to installing roofing shingles. ThisInstalling Shake Siding the right way! - method is also known as single coursing. It involves placing a shake on top of half of the shake below. This is much like staggering and layering wood siding. Nails secure each shake to the wall sheathing and spaced so the next row of shakes covers the nail heads.

Double Up

Another method is called double coursing. This method uses the uses an undercourse row of shingles that are placed on top of the lower rows of shingles. This type of installation is economical because a lower grade shake can be used for the undercourse. This installation gives a more defined appearance.

Which Type of Nails Should I Use?

ou should consider which type of nails should be used when installing your cedar shakes. The right nail ensures that the cedar shake remains in place and helps prevent the wood from warping. The ideal types of nails are stainless steel, aluminum or double dipped galvanized. Other types of nails should be avoided as theyWhy the right Shake Siding is so important - can stain your siding over time.

What are the Benefits of Cedar Shakes?

Cedar shake siding has been used for years and remains a very popular choice among homeowners. This type of siding is naturally insulating and helps protect your home’s structure from the elements. This coupled with the longevity of cedar, makes it the perfect choice for a seaside home. With proper maintenance, your cedar shake siding will last you a lifetime.

If you would like to find out more information about cedar shakes and how to properly install them, contact us. We will be happy to have one of our siding specialists answer all of your questions.
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