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May 20, 2016
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A Consumer’s Guide to Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding often looks like wood siding; however, it can have a variety of finishes. This is a low maintenance and cheap type of siding that is resistant to water damage, termites and fire.Importance of proper Cement Siding - ecobuiltsiding.com It will not warp or buckle and you do not need to paint it as often as wood siding.

The trim pieces of this type of siding are straighter than traditional wood siding. This means you do not need to spend as much time trying to align the edges. Fiber cement is heavier than wood. It is also more flexible. For this reason, it is recommended that is carried on its edge rather than carrying it flat.


To help prevent damaging fiber cement siding, you should avoid overdriving your fasteners. Although nail guns and coil nailers are faster, they can wear out quicker when using them to install fiber cement siding. Additionally, avoid setting your nail too deep. If they go below the siding’s surface, it weakens their holding power. Use corrosion resistant rounded nail heads for best results. The fasteners should be drivenInstalling Cement Siding the right way! - ecobuiltsiding.com into the frame. Most lap siding is bound at the bottom and the top. When installing this type of siding over foam insulations boards, you should be careful to ensure the siding is properly installed.


Fiber cement board trim comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 7/6 inch thick to 1 inch thick. It should be noted that vinyl siding trim can be used with fiber cement siding. Join the siding over a stud to help strengthen the joints. Additionally, leave a 1/8 inch gap between all corner boards and wood casings and the trim pieces to all for expansion. The fiber cement boards do not need to be sealed or painted at any cuts.

Painting Your Siding

Fiber cement siding can be painted. The paint will last between 7 and 15 years. When you purchase the siding, it can either be pre-primed or raw. If the siding is not primed, wash it thoroughlyWhy the right Cement Siding is so important - ecobuiltsiding.com and allow it to dry completely before you paint the siding.

There are several things to consider when painting cement siding. First, mildew and dirt can stick to a flat paint. However, satin paint can look blotchy. A good primer can help eliminate the blotchiness. Use a water based primer. The manufacturer does not recommend using an oil based primer on fiber cement siding. Paint it with latex paint and seal it with an oil-based top coat for best results. Finally, once the siding is installed, it should be painted within 90 days.



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